While the Kentuckiana Lodge’s Class of 2022 Yearling Fillies have shown they have plenty of attitude, they’ve also shown they have the can channel that energy into running fast.

This year’s sales fillies joined the Kentuckiana colts in recently coming back into work at the Cran and Chrissie Dalgety stable after enjoying a nice spell after their breaking-in preps.

Though they are all running along quite nicely now, Cran admitted it hasn’t all be plain sailing.

“Working with them now you wouldn’t think that we had a few fun and games with a couple of them.”

“It was nothing too major but a couple of the fillies did show they had an independent streak.”

“They were quite determined to do things their way, but eventually they came around to our way of thinking.”

“To be honest it is not really a bad thing at all – some of the great racemares over the years have been known to have a bit of attitude about them.”

“The main thing is they are all back in now and doing everything perfect, I really can’t fault any of them to be honest.”

Cran has given an early assessment of each filly as they get through the early part of their second preparation:

Lot 131 - Sweet Lou - Splendid Deal - In The Pocket – Filly

“She was one of the fillies that when we were breaking her in it was character building for a few days there.”

“But she has really come to it now and gets along very nicely.”

“She is a speed filly.”

“She has a really nice turn of foot and she looks like one that will be up and running early.”

Lot 155 - Father Patrick - Chevron Express - Muscle Mass – Filly

“Obviously we had the mother and she did a super job.”

“This filly certainly has some similarities with her.”

“Gait-wise she is a real natural and has a lovely way of going.”

“We are definitely off to a good start with her.”

Lot 309 - Bettor's Delight - Goodlookin Chick - Artsplace – Filly

“She is just a typical Bettor’s Delight.”

“She is very laid back but when it’s time she knows how to put it up a gear and get serious.”

“She is showing all the right signs and we are very happy with her.”

Kentuckiana Lodge also have two recruits the have joined the fillies which Cran and Chrissie purchased at the Yearling Sales.

Lot 5 - Betterthancheddar- Tigers Watching - American Ideal - Filly

“She hasn’t put a foot wrong since she came to us.”

“She has a nice way of going and is shaping up very well.”

“She was a cheaper buy but we have thrown away the price tag because she is showing just as much as some of the more expensive yearlings.”

Captaintreacherous - Adore Me - Bettor's Delight - Filly

“She was a bit of a challenge to break in initially.”

“Some of the Captaintreacherous yearlings can be like that, so we didn’t panic.”

“She was very determined to do everything her way, but she came along to our way of thinking.”

“She is bowling around very nicely now and is showing everything you would expect from a filly with her pedigree page.”