Kentuckiana Lodge is taking the approach that there are no owners that can’t be accommodated and shares from 1 percent to 100 will be available in their yearlings from the 2021 NZB Standardbred National Yearling Sales.  

Excitement is building at the Canterbury stable as trainers Cran and Chrissie Dalgety prepare to land their next crop of race track stars, starting at Karaka on Sunday. 

Fractional ownership and syndication will again play a vital part in the 2021 sales experience for the Kentuckiana Lodge couple.  

Each year the high-energy nature of the auction ring brings plenty of hype, drama, big-money deals and even a little mystique.

With all of that comes a myth Cran would love to dispel heading into the 2021 sales.

And that is that yearling ownership is exclusive. 

“People see the prices we pay for some of these horses and all of the hype that goes with them and they can be a little bit intimidated to ask about taking a small percentage.”

“With all of the drama and the fanfare at the sales you can understand why.”

“But the reality is a lot different to what people’s perceptions out there might be.”

“We negotiate all kinds of shares in our yearlings.”

“And people might be surprised to hear that it is actually some of the more expensive ones that are made up of smaller percentages.”

Though syndication and fractional ownership are becoming increasingly popular in harness racing, the message has not filtered down to the yearling sales quite as well.

“That is certainly what we have struck, there are owners out there that don’t think that it is possible to take a 2% or 3% share in a horse that might have cost $100,000.”

“We work on the theory that it is no less exciting winning a group one race whether you own half of the horse or two hairs in its tail.”
The beautiful part about fractional ownership for Cran is the pathway it creates for owners to get to the top level of racing.

“Obviously we are at the sales to buy yearlings to target the best races in Australasia.”

“Taking a smaller share in a yearling gives owners a reasonably affordable chance of racing in those big races.”

“And we get a real kick out of that, it’s pretty special when an owner has their first runner in a group one race.”

“And it is a hell of a party when they get their first winner.” 

Cran and Chrissie will be making shares available in all of their yearling sales purchases as soon as the hammer falls.

They encourage anyone interested in taking any kind of share in one of their yearlings to contact them to discuss how they can join the excitement of racing a horse with Kentuckiana Lodge.

Cran: 027-436-0667

Chrissie: 027-278-9466