Positivity in the harness racing game is having an effect on Kentuckiana Lodge ahead of the National Yearling Sales.

Cran and Chrissie Dalgety will return to the NZB Standardbred sales ring this month in the hope of securing young horses that will go on to be stars the likes of Krug, Republican Party, and Sugar Me have been in recent seasons.

The NZTAB’s deal with Entain hasn’t been going long, but it has already made a big impact on New Zealand’s horse racing industry.

Cran is fully on board with the changes that have been made so far, and he is already feeling the effects of them as a trainer.

“To see stakes rises in feature races as well as across the lower grades is really positive for the industry,” Cran said.

“The Entain deal has been outstanding, and you can’t help but feel we are heading in the right direction.”

“It has long been said that many things in the game are tied to prizemoney levels.”

“Whether that be the number of horses bred or sold or in work.”

“We are at a stage now where we can say that these stakes rises are having an effect on us.”

“We were heading towards the sales thinking we were buying at least as many as in other years if not more.”

“But now we could be putting the hand up a few more times again.”

“We have had many of our existing owners come and some new owners come forward and say they are keen to get involved with a yearling or two.”

“That is a real reflection of where the game is at post the Entain involvement.”

“We know the fun and excitement of racing a horse in a good race.”

“You could race for a bag of feed, and everybody would still get a great thrill.”

“But buying quality yearlings requires an investment – even with your smaller scale percentages.”

“Having good stakes to race for at all levels means owners can invest with a different level of confidence.”

Cran is currently in Southland with Kentuckiana’s unbeaten filly All You Need Is Me ahead of her Southern Oaks Heat on Sunday.

Cran is also using his time in the south to do some private inspections of yearlings ahead of the Southern Bred Southern Reared Yearling Tour on Monday.

“Gee, don’t tell too many of the other trainers I am looking at yearlings before the tour.”

“They might think I am trying to get the jump on them.”

“There are a couple marked in the book that have the circle around them that I want to have a good look at, so we are on the job early.”

“It just worked out nicely with the filly coming down.”

“We got Republican Party from down here, and we would love to pick up one or two more just like him.”

Kentuckiana invites all existing and new owners to join them in investing in a yearling in 2024.

Shares of all sizes will be available in horses following the National Yearling Sales.

For more information or to register your interest, email c.dalgety@xtra.co.nz or call Cran (027-436-0667) or Chrissie (027-278-9466).