Rangiora Racecourse isn't really the place for striking shoes and flamboyant shirts, but it will mark the return of Kentuckiana's Lodge Cran Dalgety back to the Harness Racing Trainers Ranks and kick start a new training partnership.

Currently sitting 5th on the list of our most winningest Trainers list with 1282 lifetime wins, Dalgety returns to the forefront of Kentuckiana Lodge as Co-Trainer Nathan Purdon departs for an exciting opportunity in Melbourne, Australian.

No stranger to giving young people opportunities in the tough Harness Racing landscape, Cran's both happy and sad to see Nathan depart.

"We try to help the young ones out as much as we can because we know how tough the game can be without support. Nathan was a valuable asset to our team and while we're sad to see him go, we're also happy to see him going out on his own and chasing an exciting opportunity. Hopefully, we've provided a good stepping stone for him." said Dalgety.

The new partnership of Cran & Chrissie will kick off with six runners at Rangiora Racecourse tomorrow, and while it's not the bright lights of Group 1 racing, it is a steady and solid return. 

Head to https://www.kentuckianalodge.c... to check out their chances.

From the looks of the large group of 2yo's that have trialed lately from the Kentuckiana base, I doubt it'd be long before Cran's well-known shoe and shirt combos are back on the main stage.

"I'm back and rearing to go, we've got a really good group of horses around us and great staff, I'm a bit like a 2yo behind the gate, I'm on the bit and, charging," said Dalgety.